Other Priorities

Intellectual Engagement

The Duke Chautauqua Series brings distinguished professors into first-year dormitory commons rooms for educational and entertaining conversations about their expertise.

The Duke Colloquium is a University-based initiative devoted to bringing the humanities into the professions.  Through student-led, faculty coached interviews and smaller workshops with internationally known leaders, TDC aims to launch the next transformation of post-secondary education to enable broader, deeper and more socially conscious leadership of the professionals of the future.

DukeImmerse  After a successful initial pilot year, DukeImmerse is a semester-long focus on an overarching theme, such as civil rights or refugees. Students get credit for four interrelated seminar courses .  Students apply for the program  and take these classes -- both of which this year include international travel funded by Duke -- as a cohort with collaborating faculty.

Faculty-Student Interactions

Flunch was started by the Duke Student Government (DSG), in partnership with Student Affairs and the Office of Undergraduate Education, and provides an opportunity for undergraduates to take their professors to lunch.