Chautauqua—how do you pronounce it and what does it mean?

\shah-'TALK-wah\ is a free dinner TALK series with faculty and first-years.

Since the fall of 2008, Duke's Chautauqua series has replicated the spirit of 19th-century Chautauqua assemblies that took compelling cultural education to rural communities. In the setting of a free catered gourmet dinner, the series brings luminary Duke professors into East Campus residence halls for a discussion with first-year students, with a special emphasis on their research that connects to current political, social, scientific and environmental issues. Students have the opportunity to explore multiple majors without committing to a whole semester of classes and to spend quality time with faculty members in a small-group setting.

Past speakers have included academics such as political scientist Peter Feaver, and Biology professor Mohamed Noor, and Duke's President Richard Brodhead. We seek to blur the lines between academic space and residential space so that our newest students understand that the intellectual life does not end in the classroom, and that their academic experiences have great relevance to current events.

The Fall 2015 line-up will be posted here early September!

Chautauqua Fall 2014

Dr. Kristine Stiles
Art History
“Robert Rauschenberg: Collecting & Connecting”
Wednesday, September 17th
Bell Tower 3rd Floor Common Room
Dr. Lee Baker
Cultural Anthropology
“Deconstructing the Reality of Race”
Wednesday, September 24th
Bassett Common Room
Dr. Anita Layton
“Computational Medicine: Math as the New Microscope”
Tuesday, October 7th
Blackwell 121 Lounge
Dr. Kathy Nightingale
Biomedical Engineering
“Ultrasonic Imaging: Making Pictures with Sound”
Wednesday, October 8th
Alspaugh Common Room

Dr. Victor Strandberg
“The Secret Life of William Shakespeare"
Tuesday, October 21st
Pegram Common Room
Dr. Emily Klein
Environmental Science
“Volcanoes and Vents: A Hidden World beneath the Sea”
Wednesday, October 22nd
Giles Common Room

Dr. Mohamed Noor
“Meanderings on Evolution and Species Formation”
Tuesday, November 11th
Gilbert-Addoms Down Under