About Us

The Office of Undergraduate Education works to connect all facets of student life — academic, co-curricular, residential, and social — to provide students with the best possible undergraduate experience.

Office Hours

If you’d like to talk to Dean Steve Nowicki or the rest of us about any issue on campus, swing by Steve’s office hours during the academic year: Tuesdays, 2-4 PM.  

Steve also holds Traveling Office Hours, hosted by Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) during the evening in East Campus residence halls. Stay tuned for the full Fall 2014 schedule of "The Dean Is In."

Dates and Locations (more will be added shortly):

  • September 1 (Mon), 9-10 PM, with FIR Chris Roy in 217 Wilson
  • September 8 (Mon), 9-10 PM, with FIR Sue Wasiolek in 114 Gilbert-Addoms
  • September 14 (Sun), 4-5 PM, with FIR Lillian Pierce in 136 Blackwell
  • September 15 (Mon), 8-9 PM, with FIR Simon Partner in 103 Alspaugh
  • October 7 (Tue), 9-10 PM, with FIR Anthony Kelley in 103 Brown
  • November 4 (Tue), 8-9 PM, with FIR Bradley Rogers in 201 Epworth
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